France Maps

Geography, history and curiosities.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for the iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 100 Maps of France, covering its history from ancient times to today.

This App provides an easy and friendly way to learn about the history and geography of France, from the comfort of your own home. Everything is accessible and viewable from your iPhone or iPad accessible anywhere, and at any time.

This App will allow you to:

- Review maps by Year and also by Theme
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow so you can sample all the maps
- Start slideshows of all series of Maps
- Flip through Maps either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual Maps as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred Maps for future reference and fast viewing.




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5 Responses to “France Maps”

  1. Ruth B. says:

    This app covers the historical and geographical changes that happened in France across various periods. Furthermore, the app provides facts and information regarding the country that will be relevant for any educational purpose. Download the map to get access to a various range of maps, all available on full screen mode!

  2. Sarah K. says:

    The app provides access to 80 maps that range from ancient ones reaching the time when it was called Gaul to the more modern maps of the past few centuries. Furthermore, the app is equipped with all sorts of useful tools such as full screen mode, detailed view mode, slideshow mode and favorites feature mode. The app is a great complement to educational purposes. I would definitely recommend!

  3. Candi C. says:

    If you’re an educator, researcher, map lover or simply a fan of France, this map is perfect for you! You can gain access to 80 different that cover the history of France from the past to the present.This app provides a great diversity of map options for educational purposes and fun.

  4. Irene P. says:

    80 different maps showing various aspects of a beautiful country throughout history. If you are a lover of history and you are interested in knowing more about France, this is a fantastic app that will take you to a whole new level of understanding
    A great app that helps you explore your interests in France further.

  5. Irene P. says:

    With this app you will be able to explore the geographical changes in France from the time of Gaul to present day France. A great map to use in the classroom or any research. Will definitely be appreciated by those that love cartography!

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