Francisco Goya

When the sleep of reason produces monsters.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 120 drawings and etchings by the Francisco Goya. Enjoy the high quality images of his drawings, share them with your friends via email, and learn about the artist life.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746 – 1828) was a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker regarded both as the last of the Old Masters and as the first of the moderns. The subversive and imaginative element in his art, as well as his bold handling of paint, provided a model for the work of later generations of artists, from expressionist, modernist and most notably Manet and Picasso.

Throughout his career, Goya produced an enormous oeuvre of paintings, prints, and drawings whose content and tone can be patriotic or subversive, spiritual or satiric, grave or humorous, and anything in between. His themes range from merry festivals for tapestry, draft cartoons, to scenes of war and corpses.

The hundreds of extant drawings by his hand include both preparatory sheets for works in other media and independent drawings of diverse subjects executed primarily in ink and wash and lithographic crayon. The drawings, are sometimes characterized as a form of talking to himself. They present the wide spectrum of subjects he treated, including critiques of the monastic orders and the nobility, interactions between the sexes, depictions of visions and nightmares, and allusions to the consequences of war and political oppression.

Goya also published numerous etchings and aquatints, being his most famous series Los Caprichos, The Disasters of War, Los Disparates and Tauromaquia.

They reflect his dark visions of, as himself described, “the sleep of reason produces monsters”, the horror and destruction of war, and Goya’s enigmatic and fantastical interior world.





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6 Responses to “Francisco Goya”

  1. Helen M. says:

    This app covers a wide range of Goya’s works. It offers his greatest pieces, all which have become popular and iconic. Due to high resolution for one’s Ipad/Iphone, you can enjoy every little detail of the drawings. His work has a quiet yet dark appeal to it, not present in most artists’ work. Through you viewing, you will feel as if you are looking at an actual print!

  2. Haley C. says:

    The app highlights some of Goya’s most iconic pieces and that will be a treat for any art fan. I enjoyed it especially because it
    reveals to you his state of mind, conditions happening during those times and his general state. tThis app is an amazing catalog that provides users with an amazing array of his iconic works.

  3. Swita S. says:

    This app will allow you to either appreciate Goya like never before or turn you into a fan, at a minimum. It’s quite apparent that he is inspired by everything, considering the range of his subjects and works. With high resolution images and some time to ponder and analyze, you’ll realize the appeal of his dark yet beautiful approach. Great app!

  4. Susan B. says:

    This app makes it apparent that Goya can create a beautiful yet haunting vision of the human mind and the human condition His ability to
    transform inanimate horrors into visual phantoms and the graphic appeal of his drawings capture the details with precision. This app is great for educational purposes or personal enjoyment. You will love it for sure!

  5. Bella F. says:

    High resolution images combined with a wide range of subjects combined with a mastermind. This app gives you a view of Goya’s psychological state and that will either delight you or terrify you. Either way, it’s powerful and it makes for a very enjoyable app. You will enjoy his work for sure!

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