J.A.D. Ingres

Drawing as the probity of art



In this FULL VERSION, designed for iPhone® and iPad®, you will find 100 drawings by the great master Ingres. Enjoy the high quality images of his drawings, share them with your friends via email, and learn about the artist life.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867) was a French Neoclassical painter. Although he considered himself to be a painter of history in the tradition of Nicolas Poussin and Jacques-Louis David, by the end of his life it was Ingres’s portraits, both painted and drawn, that were recognized as his greatest legacy. His portrait drawings, of which about 450 are extant, are today among his most admired works. Modern opinion has tended to regard Ingres and the other Neoclassicists of his era as embodying the Romantic spirit of his time, while his expressive distortions of form and space make him an important precursor of modern art.

Ingres’s influence on later generations of artists has been considerable. His most significant heir was Degas, who studied under Louis Lamothe, a minor disciple of Ingres. In the 20th century, Picasso and Matisse were among those who acknowledged a debt to the great classicist; Matisse described him as the first painter “to use pure colors, outlining them without distorting them.” His truly personal and unique art was admired as much by the Cubists for its plastic autonomy, as by the Surrealists for its visionary qualities. Barnett Newman credited Ingres as a progenitor of abstract expressionism, explaining: “That guy was an abstract painter … He looked at the canvas more often than at the model.”

Ingres’s style was formed early in life and changed comparatively little. His earliest drawings already show a suavity of outline and an extraordinary control of the parallel hatchings which model the forms. The preferred materials were also already established: the sharply pointed graphite pencil on a smooth white paper. Although both the materials and the manner are now familiar to us, Ingres’ manner of drawing was as new as the century. It was immediately recognized as expert and admirable. If his paintings were sternly criticized as “Gothic,” no comparable criticism was leveled at his drawings. Drawings made in preparation for paintings are more varied in size and treatment than are the portrait drawings. He also drew a number of landscape views while in Rome but, with the exception of the small tondo Raphael’s Casino, he painted no pure landscapes.

From the first, his paintings are characterized by a firmness of outline reflecting his conviction that “drawing is the probity of art”.  He believed colour to be no more than an accessory to drawing, explaining: “Drawing is not just reproducing contours, it is not just the line; drawing is also the expression, the inner form, the composition, the modelling. See what is left after that. Drawing is seven eighths of what makes up painting.”



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  1. Terry T. says:

    The Ingres app is a rarity because it is a virtual catalog of the artists beautiful work. The catalog shows the crossroads of classic painting and modern art. The images emphasize his unique style and shows the amount of magic and brilliance that can be created with a simple piece of paper and pencil. It’s an app that is sure to be loved!

  2. Denise A says:

    The app provides access to rare drawings by Ingres, all high resolution for your Iphone/Ipad and all in a virtual catalog.
    It shows some critical features of his work such as the crossroads of classic painting and modern art. His work has a bit of a gothic flair and that is really apparent in the images available through the app. You will enjoy it for sure!


  3. Denise A says:

    I love this app! As an Ingres fan, this app is such a gift for me! Countless images are available, all high resolution for your Iphone/Ipad. It’s amazing to see how a seemingly simple pencil drawing can evoke so much emotion, and Ingres’ s passion and dedication becomes so apparent in his work. It’s a brilliant visual catalog and you won’t be sorry that you got it!

  4. Luke T. says:

    This app provides access to 100 drawings that would be a joy for any art lover. Ingres is brilliantly talented and that much becomes pretty apparent very quickly. Ingres’ skills in drawing are truly magical! If you love is work, then this is a fantastic tool to become educated inspired and in love with drawing even more.

  5. Tanya M. says:

    This app provides access to images of superior skill and quality, all belonging to a great artist. He’s truly an inspiration and it’s easy to see why in this app. From paintings to drawings, he has inspired a lot of people and now, he can continue inspiring other artists! His exquisite drawing style cannot be denied of brilliance!

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