Auguste Rodin

Capturing the physical and intellectual force of the human subject.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 75 Drawings by the Master Auguste Rodin. Enjoy the high quality images of his drawings, share them with your friends via email, and learn about the artist life.

Auguste René Rodin (1840-1917), was a French sculptor, illustrator, graphic artist, and painter. He is considered to be the founder of Impressionist style in the art of the sculpture. Rodin restored an ancient role of sculpture: to capture the physical and intellectual force of the human subject; he freed sculpture from the repetition of traditional patterns, providing the foundation for greater experimentation in the 20th century.

During his lifetime, Rodin was compared to Michelangelo, and was widely recognized as the greatest artist of the era. In the three decades following his death, his popularity waned with changing aesthetic values. Since the 1950s, Rodin’s reputation has re-ascended; he is recognized as the most important sculptor of the modern era, and has been the subject of much scholarly work. The sense of incompletion offered by some of his sculpture, such as The Walking Man, influenced the increasingly abstract sculptural forms of the 20th century. Though highly honoured for his artistic accomplishments, Rodin did not spawn a significant, lasting school of followers. His notable students included Antoine Bourdelle, Charles Despiau, the American Malvina Hoffman, and his mistress Camille Claudel.

Rodin’s rich graphic oeuvre has until now been a little-known aspect of his art, yet it is crucial to a full understanding of his work. His drawings and watercolors were influenced by the art of ancient Egypt and Greece as well as by Rodin’s observations of Japanese theater and Javanese and Cambodian dancers. Rodin used a wide range of materials and techniques, experimenting with various media.



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  1. Faisal S. says:

    The app provides a rare view of the drawings before the completion of a project.The app includes about 75 images of various silhouettes and detail drawings that Rodin used, not all of which were created. As a fellow artists, it is quite exciting to see unused images by the creator and simply wonder why some were merely kept as images? Great app for Auguste Rodin fans!

  2. Mark D. says:

    A unique app dedicated to Rodin for sure! One is left wondering why some images for creation while others were simply left alone. A rare glance into Rodin’s mind that would have been ABSOLUTELY perfect if more information was provided about what the images came into being. A great app nonetheless that I would definitely recommend!

  3. Shane B. says:

    If you’re a Rodin fan or even a fan of great art, this app is definitely right for you. To get a chance to view such a notable sculptor’s initial drawings is a treat for art fans, without a doubt. For those that enjoy the mystery aspect it, figuring out which images were used for which creation is nothing short of an enjoyable activity. Worth the download for sure!

  4. Chelsea U. says:

    This app serves as a visual reference for silhouette, pose, atmosphere and general appeal of the finished works of Rodin, which is a very unique element specific to this app. As such, the content of this app is rare and worth the download for any Rodin fan or art fan. If you are looking for inspiration, you might get it from here. Love it!!

  5. Kendra N. says:

    Any art history loves/art student/art critic will appreciate the unique experience this app will provide. Download the app to view the beautiful study drawings of the world’s foremost sculptor. It’s almost like being in his mind, part of his private thoughts as you get insight that has been unmatched by any app before. I simply love this app!

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