Human and social feelings in vibrant colors.



Welcome to the Official Portfolio App of painter Rebeca Calvo Gómez.

Here you will find galleries of images of the painting created during the career of the Artist.

This App will allow you to perform the following functions in experiencing the Artist’s Work:

- Review the Artist’s work in several Series, including all relevant documentation about the piece and the series
- Review the Artist’s most recent work
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow reviewing the Artist’s leading work or the images which you’ve tagged as a Favorite
- Start slideshows of all series of the Artist’s work
- Flip through images of the Work either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual images as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred images of the Artist’s work which are so marked
- Review all the contact information for the Artist and save contact details to your Address Book
- Social Sharing Functions: LIKE Artist on Facebook
- Email friends and colleagues images of the work you want to share
- Read about the Artist, their life and their work

Rbkcalvo art work uses traditional mediums as oil and pastels with vibrant and intense colors. Her figurative and imaginative representations explore universal themes such as happiness, solitude, cruelty and love. They are expressive representations of human and social feelings, exploring how nature influences men, the impact of human actions on its surroundings and the feelings aroused by social interactions.

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5 Responses to “rbkcalvo”

  1. Loraine L. says:

    If you’re a Calvo fan or simply a fan of good art, this app is for you. Dedicated to Calvo, the app provides brilliant visions that you cannot find anywhere else. Images are available for detailed view or full screen view. Furthermore, you will also receive free updates about Calvo, a great bonus. It’s a great app and highly recommended.

  2. Therese W. says:

    One of a kind, this app is a wonderful introduction to the artist Rebecca Calvo. Including some of her best work, the app also includes free updates/information about upcoming appearances among other news concerning her. If you’re a fan, it’s a great app. If you’re not a fan, here’s your chance to become one!

  3. Ray M. says:

    I recently became interested in Calvo’s work and this app has served that purpose well. She’s absolutely incredible and the app includes some of her best pieces, available for viewing in high resolution for Iphones and Ipad. A great introduction to a great artist!

  4. Zaira K. says:

    A great artist to explore if you have interest in contemporary art. A unique collection of images, all which have a very personal vibe to them. Regular updates are also available on the artist. I’m turning into a Calvo fan!

  5. Molly C. says:

    The app is a great introduction the contemporary artists, regular updates and all. . If you like things that you do not see, this app will be refreshing for you. This app is really great for those of you who like these kinds of artworks that are both simple yet complex. Great download for sure!

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