Il Guercino

Freedom and vitality.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 100 drawings by the great master Il Guercino. Enjoy the high quality images of his drawings, share them with your friends via email, and learn about the artist life.

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591 – 1666), best known as Guercino or Il Guercino, was an Italian Baroque painter from the region of Emilia, and active in Rome and Bologna. Guercino is Italian for squinter, a nickname that was given to him because he was cross-eyed. He is especially noted for his many superb drawings.

Guercino was one of the most brilliant draughtsmen of his age. In addition to preparatory studies for his paintings, he made many informal drawings for his own pleasure (including landscapes, genre scenes, and caricatures) and these—usually executed in pen and brown ink—often show remarkable freedom and vitality.



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6 Responses to “Il Guercino”

  1. Susan A. says:

    I’m a Guercino fanatic but anyone that appreciates art will love this app. It provides access to atleast a 100 drawings, which is a fresh breath of air over the traditional access to his paintings. Images are high quality on both Ipads/Iphones, so viewing the intricate and breathtaking details of the drawings are now possible. You will love this app!

  2. Lisa J. says:

    Downloading this app for the mere price of $.99 makes it possible to enjoy the high quality images of Guercino’s drawings. High quality in both your Iphone/Ipad, it’s a rare treat and an even more rare glimpse into his world. Download, enjoy and share with fellow art followers today!

  3. Calvin C. says:

    The app features a variety of Guercino’s work, from landscapes to genre scenes to caricatures. Great for both academic and personal use. The superb quality of the images on Ipad and Iphone makes the work seem almost alive. A great app that is surely worth paying a small amount for!

  4. Mindy M. says:

    Considered a brilliant artist, this app provides the extent of his brilliance! Several hundred images are available, mean to show the styles and methods of the artist, while examining the common themes of his work and style of drawings. A great artist whose brilliance is now viewable!

  5. Denise S. says:

    A great and well organized app that is handy and convenient! Great for educational and aesthetic purposes, since enjoying the artistry of this magnificent master is possible. Hundreds of images, all high quality for your Iphone/Ipad. An inspiration for any Guercino fan!

  6. Scott M. says:

    Composed of more than 100 drawings from a great painter and draftsman! High resolution images, categorized and organized, all available in a digital portfolio. Just as the great artists took inspiration from the old masters, you can use his images as inspiration in expanding your artistry and skills. A download must!

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