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Accelerating transformation



Welcome to the Official Photography Portfolio App of photographer ALEXANDRE FUCHS.

Here you will find galleries of photographs taken during the career of the Artist. This App is a wonderful companion to APHORISMS book.

This App will allow you to perform the following functions in experiencing the Artist’s Work:
- Review the Artist’s work in several Series, including all relevant documentation about the piece and the series
- Review the Artist’s most recent work
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow reviewing the Artist’s leading work or the images which you’ve tagged as a Favorite
- Start slideshows of all series of the Artist’s work
- Flip through images of the Work either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual images as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred images of the Artist’s work which are so marked
- Review all the contact information for the Artist and save contact details to your Address Book
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- Read about the Artist, their life and their work

This App allows you to:
- Keep in touch with the work of your favorite Artists
- Show others (your family and friends) the work of your favorite artists
- Receive updates from the artist through the News feature and routine updates of the App, with new work and updates
- Carry the full portfolio of a Technician or Designer when evaluating providers for projects
- Turn the beautifully designed iPhone and Ipad into balanced a work of Art through the display of the Artist’s work

This Portfolio Gallery App universally installs on each of the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®, taking full advantage of each device’s screen resolution and feature set.

The accelerating transformation of our contemporary life is evidenced paradoxically by both beauty and decay in the social space – our physical and social environments. My work explores the complex impact of exponential development on the human experience. I attempt to highlight such core humanist principles as our control over our surroundings, environmental adaptation, frailty, conflict and compassion. I investigate such key battle grounds as societal moeurs, technological adoption, man’s (self) destructive force, communication immediacy, economic velocity and dislocations. The work approaches with awe and, at times, foreboding the unleashed inexorable power of change taking shape in and around us and currently presents these observations in two forms – found and altered photographs.

My topic is timely. Our twenty-first century will see the equivalent of an accumulated 20,000 years of progress at today’s accelerating rate of change. The symptoms are all around us. We live the consequences of this exponential change in social and geo-political conflict, knowledge gaps, media message opacity, medical care disparities and infrastructure challenges. My work on the illustrates the physical and conceptual change across the social space (and its imagery) with each series offering an individual observation through association and juxtaposition.
(February 2004 Alexandre Fuchs)

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5 Responses to “Alexandre Fuchs”

  1. Ruby Marks says:

    One of the main benefits of this app is the fact that you can connect to works of all of your favorite artists, along with Alexandre Fuch’s work, whos is the main focus of this app. One can receive regular updates and the app allows constant access to recent works of your favorite artists. Furthermore, I LOVE the fact that I can display the works of my choice on my both my Iphone and Ipad. It’s a must for those that appreciate photography of any sort, but especially contemporary works. Definetely recommended!

  2. Frank S. says:

    Wonderful app for Alexandere Fuchs’ fans! The app provides a small preview of his incredible book, “Aphorisms.” Thus, this is a great way to discover whether you’re interested in getting the actual book or exploring his work further, as regular updates about the artist are all inclusive. All for a very small price of $.99, it’s a download must!

  3. Nina D. says:

    Love love love this app! I downloaded is as a recommendation from a fellow photographer and ended up falling in love with the amount of work you have access to, for only $.99. As a photographer myself, I am becoming a fan of his work because of the subject of his focus. He takes elements that bear an impact to the human experience, such as frailty, adaptation, compassion and conflict and captures those elements in a century that’s moving quite fast. As a fellow photographer and a fan of contemporary photography, I recommend this app to everyone with an interest in the subject of photography!

  4. Shawn W. says:

    If you enjoy photography of landscapes, objects, urban life and sometime unsettling images of decay and destruction, this app is appropriate for you. Fuchs uses visual imagery to evoke both emotion and insight about the world we love in.You will love his amazing portfolio and love being continuously updated about him through this app!

  5. Patty C. says:

    If you have interest in photography and are looking to be inspire, this just might be your call! Amazing that force one to question the human condition, as was the case for me. An incredible app to have because of the opportunity available for analysis, as well as live updates about the artist. Love this app!

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