World Maps

Geography, history and curiosities.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for the iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 80 Maps of the World, covering its history from Pangea to today. This App allows children, big and small to learn geography and world history while being entertained

This App will allow you to:

- Review maps by Year and also by Theme
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow so you can sample all the maps
- Start slideshows of all series of Maps
- Flip through Maps either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual Maps as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred Maps for future reference and fast viewing.



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5 Responses to “World Maps”

  1. Don O. says:

    For a one time fee of $0.99, you can access an amazing app that lets you enjoy more than 80 world maps that are full of history. This app makes it possible to see the world from the past to the present and the transformation it went under. Great resource that makes any presentation interesting, without the hassle because of its virtual facet.

  2. Patricia q. says:

    An app that is seriously worth the $0.99. Through it, you can gain access to more than 80 world maps, from the beginning of Pangaea to the socio-cultural diversity across the world. The images are high-resolution on Iphone and Ipad, and through it you can also access other historical bits that are both entertaining and educational. Makes learning and teaching much more fun and interesting, definitely worth a download!

  3. Ruby E. says:

    The app provides an organized look at how the world has changed over the centuries. Great high-resolution images for Iphone and Ipad; this app allows you to enjoy each map and can offer unique information that you will really love to learn and understand. Great investment and worth the $0.99!

  4. Bill L. says:

    High resolution images for your Iphone and Ipad that definitely make a difference in the quality of viewing. A fantastic app for both kids and adults through which one can comprehensively study the world as related to geography and history.
    A $.99 is a rare deal!

  5. William B. says:

    A fun yet education app that would make any history/geography class more interesting! Maps are derived from ancient records that were digitally rendered in high resolution to really create an actual record of the world in images. Tons of maps, all in an organized, virtual portfolio.

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