United Kingdom Maps

Geography, history and curiosities.



In this FULL VERSION, designed for the iPhone® and iPad®, you will find over 150 Maps of the United Kingdom, covering its history from ancient times to today.

This App provides an easy and friendly way to learn about the history and geography of United Kingdom, from the comfort of your own home. Everything is accessible and viewable from your iPhone or iPad accessible anywhere, and at any time.

This App will allow you to:

- Review maps by Year and also by Theme
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow so you can sample all the maps
- Start slideshows of all series of Maps
- Flip through Maps either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual Maps as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred Maps for future reference and fast viewing.




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5 Responses to “United Kingdom Maps”

  1. Henry C. says:

    Categorized by year and theme, this app provides the opportunity to explore fascinating topics like how the postal numbers are segregated across, road maps, ancient city renderings, territories and cultural divisions across the land. High resolution images in Iphone and Ipad that allow for a detailed exploration. Great app for research and teaching purposes!

  2. Tom A. says:

    An app that covers both geographical and historical maps, organized by interesting themes. Images are in high resolution for Ipad and Iphones so viewing it in detail is something that’s very possible. The app is a visual guide to complement any presentations, showing the changes in notable periods in UK’s natural and social history.

  3. Nancy G. says:

    This app is a fascinating tool and guide, one that allows you to appreciate UK’s rich history and geography. It’s a great complement for any purpose related to the study of UK. High resolution images that allow you to appreciate the intricate facts of the nation. The app is a worthy investment.

  4. Mary J. says:

    A great app to explore the geographical and historical changes of a nation rich in history. Provides information within the maps about the movement of people, trade, religion, political events and show a detailed overview of what has been happening across the country. Countless maps for your Iphone/Ipad!

  5. Cassie H. says:

    Great app to show you the amazing history of UK and enrich your historical knowledge!
    If you are interested as to what the UK was like in the past using the maps, you will definitely want to take advantage of this app. It’s a great educational tool for sure!

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