New York Free Maps

Geography, history and curiosities.



In this FREE VERSION, designed for the iPhone® and iPad®, you will find a few dozen maps to peruse. The FULL version has over 150 maps of the beloved city of New York, covering its history from New Amsterdam to today.

This App provides an easy and friendly way to learn about the history and geography of New York, from the comfort of your own home. Everything is accessible and viewable from your iPhone or iPad accessible anywhere, and at any time.

This App will allow you to:

- Review maps by Year and also by Theme
- Detailed View Mode or Fullscreen Mode
- Instant Slideshow so you can sample all the maps
- Start slideshows of all series of Maps
- Flip through Maps either through a navigation bar or through multitouch
- Mark individual Maps as Favorites
- Gather together in My Favorites all your preferred Maps for future reference and fast viewing.



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5 Responses to “New York Free Maps”

  1. Vito C. says:

    A great preview of the full version! All of the tool offered are the same. The only difference is the number of maps that are available. Offers great insight to the city of New York. A tool that is both convenient and educational!

  2. Rio R. says:

    This app provides great access to the both the historical and current city of New York. It’s a great tool that can serve you on travels, research, teaching or simple curiosity. Access to several dozen maps is available through a simple download. Highly recommended!

  3. Aarthi O. says:

    As a New Yorker and an educator, I simply love this app. What a great tool to make presentations more interesting for students. This app is a great preview of the full version, same features and all. Anyone interested in the history of New York will absolutely love it!

  4. Faraah P. says:

    For those that are interested in the changes New York went through, this app is perfect. The free version is representative of the full version, but with less maps. You can use this app for whatever purpose you aim whether it be to enjoy be it studying or just checking out things to kill some time when you get bored.

  5. Tia S. says:

    Several dozen maps, all which offer great insight about the great New York. It’ll be intense to see how New York used to look v. how it looks today. A convenient product that is representative of what the full version has to offer, which is more access!

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